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  1. check out my videos and covers on youtube!

  2. John says:

    i have videos of my band and stuff on youtube..and some recorded songs

  3. I think that the competition,”Rock ‘N’ Music Idol,” is one of the best music competitions and it is definitely just like the competition,”American Idol:)!” I really hope to do my best in my vocalizations and singing. I also hope that I try to make the songs, that I’m actually singing, even better which requires a lot of emotion and there should be, absolutely, no repetition without any variations. I am really looking forward to audition and making it to the show, but it all depends on how well I sing in front of the judges, because, when I watched,”American Idol,” the judges say to try to make any song, different from the original song so that they find out if you are talented or not. So, therefore, as I said, I really am looking forward to singing in this competition and I hope that it will be a great experience, not only for me, but for othere contestants who will be performing there.

  4. I would like to enter a group of kids who currently perform at theme parks, county fairs, schools, charity events, fund raisers, clubs, etc, etc. The kids ages are 12yrs and 13yrs old. They have been performing around NJ and Pa for two years. There music genre is rock and pop. They have some original music but the bulk of their show highlights “cover” hits of the current Billboard hits. They are a huge draw for audiences of all ages. The band “MERCK” is named after the beginning intials of their first names: M ichael, E van, R yan, C olton, Kristen.
    They all reside in Columbus NJ (Evan, Ryan, and Kristen are siblings). See us on Facebook (M.E.R.C.K.) and Youtube videos under MERCK kidband1.

    We would like to join the next Rock’n Music Idol event if possible. Please advise.
    Kirk J. Kreutzberg
    609 694 5441

    • admin says:

      Hey Kirk, thank you for your interest in Rock’n Music Idol! We will add you to our e-mail list and you will be notified of audition dates and information for the upcoming season of Rock’n Music Idol.

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