Rock’n Music Idol 2010 Winners

Congratulations to all of the 2010 winners of Rock’n Music Idol. We Salute you! To learn more about the 2011 Rock’n Music Idol auditions and sign up process click here.

Lianah Sta Ana2010 OVERALL WINNER
Vocal 7-11

Elijah Boothe
Vocal 12-14

Alexa Rose Burger
Old Bridge
Vocal 15 – 17

I enjoyed performing a rendition of Linda Ronstadt “You’re no good” with the band at the Rock’n Music Idol live finale. In addition to being the Rock’n Music Idol vocal 15-17 winner I was also the overall winner of “The Big Joe Henry” talent show, the winner of the 2007/2008 Monmouth County Fair Vocal competition, and a finalist in the 2009 “Matawan Idol” contest.

Sean Olszewski
East Brunswick

I’ve played guitar for a little over 4 years, but I’ve only seriously played
for about 3.5 years. I try not to stray within one style or genre with my
playing, and I voraciously seek out new music to try and gain from it.

My favorite style that isn’t traditional picking is called touch guitar, or
touch style. When using touch style playing, you approach the guitar more as
a piano than you would a guitar. With touch guitar, the guitar format becomes much more capable and open-ended.

Michael Cardella
New Egypt

I’ve been playing guitar for five years. My favorite type of music is 80’s hair bands but I also like classic rock, grunge, and metal. Eddie Van Halen is a huge influence to me. Music is very important to me and without it there is nothing else.

Carlos Bandera
East Brunswick

Anthony Flora

I have been playing the drums for about 4 years. Some of my influences
are Green Day, Led Zepplin, the Black Crowes, and Guns N’ Roses.
Winning this past Rockn’ Music Idol was an excellent experience for
me, and I am looking forward to recording a song and performing it
with the rest of the winners.

Alexa Mione
Old Bridge

Rachel Calvosa